Job Advertisement within the associated ITMS Project ARTEMIS @ FU Berlin - Institute of Meterology

The upcoming ARTEMIS project in the Module Sources & Sinks (Q&S) is hiring a scientist with Master or Diploma Degree for a 3-years time period for the improvement of the spatio-temporal variability of Analyzed and near Real-Time greenhouse gas EMISsions for North-Western Europe.

January 16, 2024

In ARTEMIS, an emission model for CO2 and CH4 and their isotope ratios will be developed to obtain high-resolution emission fluxes that are consistent with national reporting for Northwest Europe.
The task of the successful applicant will be to develop new methods for modelling the spatio-temporal variability of anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions for this model or to extend existing methods. Particular attention will be paid to the inclusion of improved spatial distribution methods and to the parameterisation of the effects of changing meteorological conditions on emission variability for the energy and industry, road transport, households, waste management and agriculture sectors. In order to quantitatively demonstrate the added value of the improved spatio-temporal emission information, simulations are also carried out with a chemical transport model and the modelled concentrations are compared with observations at the ICOS stations.

More Information and the full job advertisement is available on the job portal of the FU Berlin.

Application deadline: 05.02.2024

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