The Scientific Advisory Board of ITMS

During the project start phase an external Scientific Advisory Board was established. The international members were selected with respect to scientific merit in corresponding scientific areas and connection with potential users.

Our Scientific Advisory Board Members are:

Dr. rer. nat., apl. Prof. Ingeborg Levin
Ingeborg Levin has been leading the Carbon Cycle Working Group at the Institute of Environmental Physics for more than 20 years. She teaches at the Faculty of Physics and Astronomy at Heidelberg University.
She started early with measurements of greenhouse gases in her career, especially carbon dioxide, on the regional and the global scale to investigate their natural and anthropogenic sources and sinks via atmospheric measurements. more
Prof. Dr. Dominik Brunner, ETH Zürich
Dr. Dominik Brunner teaches in the ETH Department of Environmental Systems Science and leads the Atmospheric Modelling and Remote Sensing research group at Empa that uses modelling to analyse the relationship between pollutant emissions, air quality and climate processes.
He is an expert on air quality modelling, the so-called inverse estimation of greenhouse gas emissions, the remote sensing of trace gases and the investigation of urban air quality and the inner-city climate. more
Dr. Stephen Ogle, Colorado State University
Dr Stephen Ogle is a leader in research that assesses the impacts of land use and management on biogeochemical processes in agricultural lands.
He works to improve and implement national greenhouse gas inventories and conducts research to better understand the drivers of land use and management decisions and to predict the likelihood of future greenhouse gas emission reductions through the adoption of conservation measures and bioenergy production on agricultural land. It also supports governments in developing countries to improve their greenhouse gas inventories and enhance the sustainability of agricultural land. more
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